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Getting Started

Welcome to the capstone team! At BYU many majors, including Mechanical Engineering, require students to learn about and prepare for the work force through a capstone project. Students entering their senior year apply to be on the capstone team. Once on the team BYU Racing will provide the students with a project that will help the car and they will work together Monday-Friday 8-10am the entire school year (Fall & Winter semesters) focused on that project. This project will vary year to year , however our capstone team is currently working on a high voltage battery system. Below you will find some resources to learn more.

More About BYU Capstone

With over 50 projects completed in the 2022-2023 school year BYU students have been hard at work to start their careers as engineers. Many projects are sponsored by companies big and small. Whether a project is sponsored or not many companies will occasionally send representatives to provide field experience and advice to the students. Some project highlights include Low Cost Prosthetics, Clean Water for Pakistan, Counting Polar bears with Synthetic Aperture Radar & BYU's Mission to Mars. You can learn more about BYU Capstone at the link below.


High Voltage. This link will take you to the high voltage subteam page where you can learn more about the accumulator (battery).