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Welcome to the Electronics team! Even an internal combustion car has miles of wires and sensors. We make low voltage circuits to convey information about the car. We work closely with other design teams in determining what data needs to be gathered/ displayed and how/where to gather that data through sensors. These sensors are all over the car and its components and then send information to the driver, controller, motor, radiator, and team. Below you will find all the resources you need to succeed.

Intro Course

Since there is a lot to learn we have created a course to get you started. Primarily the course focuses on an overview of electronic systems and programming

Programming (C/C++)

We use Arduinos to relay information. They work within their own IDE which is similar to C/C++. The intro course explains the program in more detail, how to install it onto your computer and learning resources. The Team lead can help you with any issues you run into.


Papers about electronic systems

Videos about electronic systems

Beginner Electronics

How to Solder