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New Members

Welcome to BYU Racing! Below are some steps to follow to become an active member.

1. Join the Discord

If you haven't already, join our discord server. This is our primary means of communication. You will find each subteam has a channel along with additional channels for questions, general information, Cad, etc. It is up to you on how many notifications you want, but every team member should at least have the general and announcements channel notifications. Once you have chosen a subteam(s) it would be beneficial to get their notifications as well to not miss anything. We will make announcements at meetings but the primary source of communication will be through discord.

2.Start the Intro Course

This is a tool for you to become introduced to FSAE and BYU Racing. You will need to create an account and then join the community before you can complete any of the modules. In here you will find information about what is expected, how the group functions etc. You will also learn some basic skills to get started with design and manufacturing. Any questions about materials and information found inside can be posted in the questions discord channel, asked to a team lead, or the team captain.

3. Start Reading the Rules

The most important part of being on BYU Racing is ensuring we remain safe and can compete. This can easily be achieved if every team member reads, understands, and applies ALL of the rules. Each season the SAE will publish a new set of rules to their site. A majority of rules will not change, however our team can not compete if we fail to follow new rules. Generally the rulebook can be a daunting task for anyone, however by breaking it into sections and spending a little bit of time reading each day it can easily be conquered. You are not expected to be a rules expert, but should have enough knowledge to say "there is a rule about that" during meetings. Some sections are more important such as: Dynamic & Static Events, Electric Vehicles, and Technical Inspection. We have a rules discussion thread on our discord if you have any questions about a specific rule.

4. Attend Team meetings

Before making a decision about staying or leaving we recommend you come to 4 of our team meetings. Our team meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 in the MSL. As necessary any change in time or location will be updated in the discord. These are where many events, general team progress, and announcements are made. They are also a great opportunity to meet other team members, ask questions, and do some inter-team collaboration on projects.

5. Pick a Design Team

Pick one of our design teams or business department to shadow. Even if you have no experience in that area, pick one you find interesting. Ask their team lead about learning resources and/or check their page on this website. Attend some of their meetings, ask questions, and figure out if you want to help them. You can switch teams, however it is preferable to do that before working on a project. We don't want half finished projects. You can hop around to different teams each season as you find your skills and interests. Teams educate their members on required skills and knowledge needed for each project, however members are recommended to do their own research. If there is not a team that you are interested in ask about specific projects that relate to your interests.

6. Get to Work

Ask team leads how you can contribute. There is always something for you to do regardless of your experience. You would be surprised just how much you can contribute even with no experience. If team leads can not find a task/project for you specifically, ask if you can help on someone else's project. Here at BYU Racing we learn, design and test before the final product is applied to the car. If something isn't quite right the first time learn from it and improve for next time.

New Member FAQ's

  • There is no time requirement to become a driver, however the team captain will determine the method of choosing the 4 drivers. They will consider things such as :Participation, Attendance, Dedication, Lap Times, Consistency, etc. We will provide times and equipment for driver training, however the best way to improve your chances are to put work into your subteam along with spending time practicing driving.
  • The Motor Sport Lab is located on the first floor of the engineering building in the north east corner (room 124). Go past the prototyping lab to the end of the hall.
  • Each year will be different however you can expect a top speed of around 70mph.
  • Team meetings are maximum an hour each. The time you spend on projects is entirely up to you, however each project will have deadlines that need to be met. Deadlines will be set by team leads and team captain.
  • Each team lead will be labeled in discord. If you are having trouble identifying them ask other team members and leads.
  • The MSL is our primary location for work. Here we will discuss, design and construct most of the car. Many things will be donated or bought however, some things will need to be manufactured by students. The prototyping lab is open to students during their posted hours. More details about the prototyping lab can be found in the prototyping lab tab on this page.
  • The Prototyping Lab is a machine shop found on the first floor of the engineering building where students can manufacture parts. It is open for students to use only during operating hours. You will need to make a booking on their website and check in with an assistant when you arrive. On the website you will find additional information about necessary skills, times available, and services offered. Their link can be found in the resources page.