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Team Resources

Below you will find resources every member on the team will find useful.

The Rules

Download Here

OnShape (CAD)

OnShape is a cloud based Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software very similar to Fusion360 or SolidWorks. BYU racing has a team OnShape so everything remains organized. Please contact your team lead or the team captain to get access to it. In there you will find each subteam has their own document. You will create part studios, assemblies, and folders within your subteam document to keep everything organized. Here you will find resources about how to navigate and use the tools in OnShape. Additionally OnShape provides a learning center. In the center there are many tutorials and free courses to improve your skills. If you have any questions about how to do a particular thing ask the cad channel on discord.

ANSYS (Simulations)

ANSYS is a collection of different simulation software installed on the CADEM Computers. You will need a CADEM account to sign into the computer but will not need to create a different account for ANSYS. Here you will find options to access CADEM computers remotely. ANSYS is a very powerful tool but has a fairly high learning curve. Here you will find free courses about ANSYS. As not everyone on the team
will use ANSYS any questions about ANSYS should be directed to the team lead, captain or a professor at BYU.

SAE Mobilus

This is a professional resource to read academic papers published by professors, companies and experts in the field whom are all apart of the Society of Automotive Engineers. These papers cover almost every engineering field such as: Aerospace, Electronics, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Management, Manufacturing, Safety and more. A google search will provide a large amount of papers published from mostly reliable sources, however this site should be your first place to learn more.

BYU Prototyping Lab

This is the primary location where students will fabricate their designed parts during operating hours. Their website has their hours, machines & services available. Please make a booking on their website and check in with a Lab Assistant when you get there.

Other Resources

Team Intro Course
FSAE Reddit
FSAE Home/Resources
Intro to Racecar Engineering Playlist
Efficient Engineer
Donut How it works

BYU Racing also has several books about designing specific parts and what the judges are looking for. Ask a team lead or the team captain and we can lend those to you.

Subteam Resources

Here are links for each subteam. Each subteam manages their own resources.