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Without your support none of this is possible

Welcome to BYU Racing!

The entire budget for BYU Racing is funded solely through contributions from businesses and organizations such as yours. These contributions play a crucial role in enabling the team to utilize top-tier components, maximizing the potential of their designs. Regardless of whether your business or organization is directly associated with the automotive industry, your support is highly valued. As a token of appreciation, all our sponsors will receive a monthly newsletter from BYU Racing, keeping you updated on the team's progress and significant events. Moreover, sponsors are invited to our end-of-season event, an opportunity to witness our fully assembled car in action. Various perks like merchandise, content creation, and more are also available. If you're interested in supporting the team through a donation, please complete the interest form located on the side of this page, and our business department will promptly provide you with further details. We deeply appreciate your support!

Sponsor FAQs

  • We would love to work with you in creating social media content and how to represent your logo/company name. The FSAE competition requires that students design and build as much of the car as possible. While we welcome and appreciate suggestions our focus is to allow students the opportunity to design.
  • The majority of our contributions come in the form of parts or supplies for team events. Feel free to complete the form located on the side, and our business department will gladly offer more details or assist you in making a donation through an alternative method.
  • The exact date and time will be shared once they are confirmed, but anticipate it to be in May or June. You can stay updated on all our events by referring to this link.
  • Absolutely! We have several companies who come every year. Many of our students have found internships and/or full time jobs through these. Feel free to fill out the interest form on the side and our business department will coordinate more details.

Some of our sponsors

Questions and Inquiries
Feel free to ask any questions or express your interest in donating. Our business department will respond as soon as possible with more information.