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Business Department


Welcome to the business department! The purpose of the FSAE competition is for students to act as if they were a business that is designing and constructing a formula style racecar to then sell to real customers. The main responsibilities of the business department are to prepare and present the business plan and cost report at the competition, however they also handle recruiting, sponsorships & fundraising, content creation, graphic design of T-shirts, websites, logos and more. Any major is welcome to join the department while also being on a design and/or capstone team. Below you will find additional descriptions and resources.

Business Presentation

This is one of the 3 static events at the competition. Teams are tasked with a fictious scenario like changing the power supply source due to supply chain issues. The team will prepare and present a strategic plan to implement the scenario. Business Presentation Resources

Cost and Manufacture Event

The Cost event is another static event at the competition. This event requires teams to submit forms such as: a bill of materials, cost report, and cost tables before participating in the cost scenario presentation. Each design team will relay the information in order to fill out these forms. The scenario procedure is the same for the business presentation. Cost Event Resources


Here at BYU Racing we want as many people as possible to participate. We currently have many recruiting events/socials along with flyers, posters, T-shirts and more however, the best way to recruit is by talking about BYU Racing to everyone! Here are some of our events.


Our entire budget comes from sponsors and fundraising. BYU has graciously sponsored a large portion of that. Many companies donate parts or money to help our efforts. Each year a sponsorship package is made highlighting who we are, our performance and benefits for those who support us. Students coordinate with the business lead before reaching out to companies and then email, call and /or meet with companies to discuss these things. This is a great opportunity to network.

Social Media

BYU racing has different social media platforms to reach a wide audience. We create content to highlight the team, individuals, and sponsors. Content includes, pictures, videos, announcements, demonstrations, and education. Content ideas should be brought to the business lead. Check out our accounts here.

Graphic design

We use posters, merchandise, social media and this website to present the team to the public. All of these are student made. We would love to use your ideas.