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High Voltage


Welcome to the High Voltage team! In order to drive the car we need a motor, controller, and battery pack that are all powerful but still light, and reliable. We purchase the motor and controller after extensive research and testing, however we design the battery pack. As the entire system can reach upwards of 450 Volts each of these units has many safety precautions that need to be practiced while building, and repairing. These will be enforced by the Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) ,who is a student team member, and by the judges at the competition. The judges can disqualify the team for not following the correct safety measures. Below we have provided an introductory course along with additional resources to help you succeed.

Learning Course

This is a course to get you started on our team. In this course you will find several articles and videos that explain more of the physics and engineering behind the High Voltage system. Any questions about the course should be brought to the team lead.


Papers about High Voltage Systems

Wisconsin Battery Report
Formula Student Battery Report

Videos about High Voltage Systems

Stafl Systems
Lucid Motors: Battery
Lucid Motors: Motor