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Chassis & Bodywork

The main frame of the car


Welcome to the Chassis team! Here students put their knowledge of materials and forces to the test. The chassis must be strong enough to hold the weight of the other components, and any additional forces the car may experience while in motion. We also learn how to weld and normalize steel tubing. Below you will find an introductory course (required for all chassis members) and additional resources that go beyond that introductory course.

Intro Course

Here you will find an intro course that will provide all the training you need to become a full chassis member. Please complete this as soon as possible!

Bodywork/ Aero

BYU Racing currently has no subteam dedicated to bodywork & aerodynamics. The Chassis team currently handles conventionally designed bodywork. Below you will find an intro course to learn more about bodywork & aero. Any questions about the course or questions about bodywork & aero should be directed to the chassis bodywork specialist.

Additional Resources

OnShape (CAD)

Please put your email in the Cad channel on discord to get access to the BYU Racing Onshape. In the program you will find each subteam has their own document. Onshape learning center. If you have any questions about how to do a particular thing ask the cad channel on discord.

Ansys (Simulations)

Ansys is installed on the CAEDM computers. There are options to access these remotely that can be found here. You will find free courses here. Any questions about Ansys should be directed to the team lead, captain or a professor at BYU.

Papers about chassis & Bodywork

Alabama Huntsville Chassis Report
Delaware Chassis Report
Nose Cone Design
Intro to frame and suspension

Videos about chassis and bodywork

SolidWorks Chassis Presentation
Efficient Engineer: Properties of Composites
Flight Vehicle Design
Ansys Fluent tutorial
Intro to Racecar Engineering